Swim Team

Thursday, March 9th @ 7-8:30pm
Friday, March 10th @ 4:30-6pm

Wednesday, March 15th @ 10am (Returning Families, passkey required)
Thursday, March 16th @ 10am (All Families, passkey will be removed)



The FCA Swim Team has two seasons each year:

2022-2023 Dates
 September 12th through March 26th (non-championship swimmers) 
Spring/Summer: April 10th through July 13th (non-championship swimmers) 

MEETS - 2022-2023 Fall/Winter Schedule Link (Updated 9/22/22)
All FCA swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming through the Middle Atlantic Swimming LSC.  Meets are typically once a month and could require travel outside of the Greater Philadelphia area.  The meet schedule page will breakdown which age groups or ability levels should attend each meet.

FCA operates under the assumption that your swimmer(s) will attend each age/ability appropriate meet.  If you cannot attend the meet or can only attend certain days, you must complete the google decommit form prior to the deadline.  If you do not complete the form prior to the deadline, you will be entered into the meet and charged the appropriate amount of meet fees.  Two exceptions to this rule:

  1. All Championship Meets will require you to confirm your participation rather than decommitting.
  2. 9-10 year old swimmers:  Coaches will communicate prior to the end of September/April if your swimmer(s) should attend development meets and/or A/BB/C meets

Payments are to be submitted online through a payment link or via check.  Failure to submit payment for swim meets in a timely manner will result in the coaching staff not entering your swimmer(s) into future meets and/or inability to register for future team programming.

Swimmers and families who are new to year round competitive swimming are expected to participate in home FCA meets and are  encouraged to participate in at least one travel meet. 

GROUPS - Practice Schedule Link (updated 8/23/22)
Breakdown of groups, ability required, and pricing are below.  Ages listed are a guideline and not always followed as it is generally more important to place swimmers into the group that fits their current skill level.  However, the top end of the age range is typically followed.  

All new prospective team members must have an evaluation before joining the team.  Please email fcaquatics@friendscentral.org to schedule a day and time if it is outside of our normal evaluation periods.  Based on this evaluation we can determine which group or program would be the best fit for your swimmer(s).

The most up to date practice schedule can be viewed on our Practice Calendar page.

Mini's (8 & Under)
The Mini's swimmer must be able to complete 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke without stopping.  Swimmers must be comfortable with swimming with their face in the water and demonstrate the ability to breathe to the side on freestyle.  Swimmers should be able to demonstrate a steady flutter kick with little knee bend and toes pointed.  Emphasis will be on making swimming fun while working on developing basic stroke fundamentals through drills.  Freestyle and backstroke will be the primary focus before introducing breaststroke and butterfly.

Currently three practices a week are offered.  Attendance at two practices a week is required.  The more we see a swimmer at practice the more they will progress. For families looking to only swim once a week, we recommend registering for Swim School.

Novice (10 & Under)
The Novice swimmer must be able to swim 50 yards of freestyle and backstroke without stopping to be considered.  Swimmers should be able to demonstrate a correct flutter kick for both free and back with the ability to bilateral breathe when swimming freestyle.  Some knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly is helpful and typically required.  Drill progressions in each practice will be used to continue to create a solid foundation that will be built upon as they progress.   

Currently three practices a week are offered.  Attendance at two practices a week is required.  The more we see a swimmer at practice the more they will progress. For families looking to only swim once a week, we recommend registering for Swim School.

Junior I (9 to 12 yrs old)
The Junior I swimmer must be able to swim 75 yards of freestyle and backstroke along with 50 yards of breast and fly.  Practices will continue to focus on stroke development through drills while interval training is introduced.  Competition increases as additional meets and events become available.  Swimmers will begin to be taught about race strategy, and goal setting.  Some dryland practices will be introduced.

Currently five practices a week are offered.  Attendance at four practices a week is encouranged, especially for second year Junior I swimmers.  Minimum attendance of three practices a week is required.  For families not looking to make a commitment to practices, we recommend registering for Team Phoenix. 

Junior II (10 to 14 yrs old)
The Junior II swimmer who has been on FCA previously has demonstrated the ability to excel during the Junior I workouts.  New Junior II swimmers should be able to successfully make 5x100's Free @ 2:00 and/or 5x1:00's IM on 2:15.  The Junior II swimmer must be able to complete practices consisting of more interval training and up to an hour and a half.  Drill progressions and technique will still be emphasized.  Race strategies and goal setting will be expanded.  Ideas of work ethic, accountability and commitment to practices will be discussed. More advanced dryland workouts will be introduced.  

Currently five main practices a week are offered with the option to attend a morning practices on Tuesday and Thursday.  Attendance at four practices a week is recommended.  For second year Junior II swimmers hopeful to move to the Senior Group the following year, four practices a week is required.    Minimum attendance of three practices a week is required. 

Senior (13 & Over)
The Senior swimmer must demonstrate the physical and mental maturities necessary to complete intense practices of up to 2 hours.  Swimmers should be able to successfully make 5x100's Free @ 1:30 and/or 5x100's IM @ 1:45.  Swimming, dryland/weight lifting, and mental training opportunities will be provided, giving participants the opportunity to improve and strengthen on a holistic level.  Various training plans will be developed for the different skill levels within the group.  Coaches will work with swimmers through goal meetings to help them realize their potential.

Practices are offered Monday through Friday evenings and Saturday mornings.  Morning practices on Tuesday & Thursday are offered and intended to be an opportunity for the swimmer to attend doubles on that day.  Swimmers who attend Tuesday and/or Thursday morning and not the afternoon are missing out on significant practice time as the practices are only one hour long.  Morning practices on Monday & Wednesday are offered during the fall for those swimmers who cannot make the evening practice due to a fall sport, doctors appointment, or other reasons.  These morning practices will end once the high school swim season begins.

To benefit from the training plan, new Senior swimmers are encouraged to make five practices a week.  Second year senior swimmers and above are encouraged to increase attendance by one each year.  We recommend the guide below for practice expectations for swimmers who are focused solely on swimming and/or those who are interested in swimming in college.  This progression will set the swimmer up for long term success in the pool.  Guide is based on how many years your swimmer has been in the Senior group:

1st year: 4-5 practices a week
2nd year: 5-6 
3rd year: 6-7
4th+ year: 7-8

Minimum attendance of four practices a week is required.  Swimmers will not realize their potential with attendance below this amount.  Consideration will be given to swimmers participating in a school sport.

New this year:  USA Swimming has changed their registration process and all families will now be responsible for self registering for USA Swimming at the beginnning of the season.  We will have two in person seminars to help with this process.  All swimmers must be registered by September 30th.


  Mini Novice Junior I Junior II Senior
Fall/Winter $920 $995 $1070 $1130 $1240
Spring/Summer $655 $730 $835 $910 $1010


  Mini Novice Junior I Junior II Senior
Fall/Winter $970 $1045 $1120 $1180 $1290
Spring/Summer $705 $780 $885 $960 $1060

- Program fees include 2 FCA shirts & 1 FCA Cap (once for whole 2022-2023 season)
- Fees above do not include swim meets entry fees or USA Swimming Registration fee.
- Some practice groups will be required to purchase own training equipment.  More information is included on the practice schedule.
- All swimmers must wear a team suit at all meets besides when wearing a tech suit.  Team suits are not included in prices above.  A team store will be setup during registration.

Families with multiple kids on the team will receive $50 toward swim meet credits for 2nd and 3rd kids (each).

Fall/Winter: Monday, July 25th @ 8am (Returning Families).  Tuesday, July 26th @ 10am (New Families)
Spring/Summer: Wednesday, March 15th @ 10am (Returning Families).  Thursday, March 16th @ 10am (New Families)

Fall/Winter: Sunday, August 14th.  Late registration begins Monday, August 15th.
Spring/Summer:  Tuesday, March 28th.  Late registration begins, Wednesday, March 29th.
Late Registration Fee: $50

Refunds: No refunds will be given after week four of each season.  From registration to the end of week one, refunds will be allowed minus 10% of program costs.  After week two 25%.  After week three 50%. 

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