Swim School

Due to the Pandemic, FCA Swim School will operate on a modified schedule. Lessons are 30 minutes and are on Saturday mornings between 11:20am-12:20pm. Children are taught in small groups with others of their own skill level.  All lessons are held at Friends' Central School (Upper School Campus) located at 1101 City Avenue, Wynnewood, PA, 19096. The swimming pool is in the Shimada Athletic Center. 

Currently only Levels IV & V are being offered 

Level I - Explorers: 
This level introduces children to the water. Swimmers will work on a number of skills from blowing bubbles to supported floats and kicks. 
Prerequisite: Over 3 feet tall and toilet trained. 
To Pass to Level II: Swimmers must be able to blow bubbles, back float unassisted for 10 seconds, and kick with barbell independently for 10 yards.

Level II - Beginners: 
In this level, swimmers will work on submerging their heads (bobs), kicking with barbells, floating independently, gliding streamline, arm stroke skills for freestyle and backstroke. The swimmer will also be introduced to rotary breathing as well as deep water. 
Prerequisite: Passing Level I or child must be able to submerge head in water, float on the front and back, kick and glide.
To Pass to Level III: Swimmers must be able to float unassisted on front and back for 15 seconds, glide and flutter kick on back and front for 15 yards, demonstrate rotary breathing, and basic water competence.

Level III - Advanced Beginners: 
Swimmers work primarily in deep water. This level focuses on freestyle with rotary breathing, refining back stroke, and introduces diving. Another goal of Level III is building endurance specifically the ability to swim 25 yards of freestyle and/or backstroke. 
Prerequisite: Passing Level II or child must be able to swim 25 feet freestyle and backstroke with some rotary breathing and feel comfortable in deep water.
To Pass to Level IV: Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke independently.

Level IV - Swimmers: 
This level offers advanced development for freestyle and backstroke increasing the distance to 50 yards. Swimmers are introduced to breaststroke. Diving development continues. 
Prerequisite: Passing Level III or child must be able to complete 25 yards freestyle and backstroke as well as be able to dive.
To Pass to Level V: Swimmers must be able to swim freestyle with rotary breathing and backstroke for 50 yards with some knowledge of breaststroke.

Level V - Advanced Swimmers: 
In this level, swimmers distance of freestyle and backstroke increases to 75 yards. Breaststroke and diving skills are further refined as well as the introduction of butterfly, flip turns and racing starts. 
Prerequisite: Passing Level IV or child must be able to complete 50 yards freestyle and backstroke as well as have some basic skill of breaststroke.
After Passing Level V: Swimmer is ready for Swim Team or Team Phoenix!

2020 - 2021 Swim School Calendar

Session Dates/Times Registration Deadlines
Session I April 17 - May 22 April 14
Session II June 5 - July 10 June 2

Session I through VII: Rate: $230 per session; FCS students $200.
Late application fee: $30. Cancellation Fee: $30 (No refunds will be processed after the deadline date)

If you are interested in the swim school, please contact the FCA office at (610) 658-5632 or email fcaquatics@friendscentral.org.