September SOM - Megan Murray


Although this new Senior Group member might appear laconic and understated in nature, she is anything but when it comes to swimming in the pool. She is definitely not one to go around telling people what her goals are and how she will accomplish them. She does not need to--her actions speak volumes. It is only September, and she has already established a rock solid work ethic--going above and beyond practice requirements on a consistent basis. There are many reasons in high school that will challenge one’s gumption and drive. Especially when it involves work that will spike their BPMs and take them out of their comfort zone on a daily basis. This swimmer has certainly displayed what kind of approach she will take when confronted with these hurdles and we are certainly excited to see her race over these obstacles as the long season plays out. Congrats on a September well done, Megan Murray. You are the Senior Group Swimmer of the Month.


Coaches: Anderson, Ford, Gillison, Tedesco



Boris Kohler, Octavio Melendez, Charlotte Morales, Max Serota - 13



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