October SOM - Max Serota2


“You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good.” This quote hangs in the pool office. Jerry West, whose accolades include being a high school player of the year, All-American in college, and Hall of Famer both as a player and executive in the NBA, said that. One of the more obscure facts about him though, was that he is the only player to ever be named most outstanding player for the NBA Finals on the team that lost. He epitomized the fact that there is greatness, even in setbacks. Our October SOM embodies the essence of this notion. Despite an early injury to his hand, one that prohibited him from swimming for the early part of the season, our SOM still came to practice and worked diligently on his dryland routine. When he first got back in the water, he was not allowed to use his arm, but that did not dampen his “kicking” spirits in the least. This drive and determination, has already paid big dividends. At CYA Invitational, he racked up 7 PRs--dropping over a minute in the 1000 Free, and 40 seconds in the 200 Back in the process!! All of this just confirms that he is dedicated, determined, and a great team leader. We are more than proud to announce Max Serota as the October SOM.


Coaches: Anderson, Ford, Gillison, Tedesco



Billy Wilkerson – 33

Boris Kohler, Octavio Melendez - 30


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