November SOM - Hope Lane


We “Hope” that all swimmers can find a way to display the dedication and work ethic this SOM did in November. Showing up is sometimes the most challenging step, but not for this athlete. She always shows up full of life and energy, and always sets her best effort into motion anytime she pushes off the wall. This approach to practice and racing has been consistent this season and, as a result, she has racked up PRs in every test set and every swim meet event she participated in so far. Consistency is a crucial part of creating a great season and this swimmer seems to have this notion hardwired. Needless to say, we are very excited to see how the hard work and dedication will pay off at our Holiday Meet!! Please join the coaching staff in congratulating the November SOM, Hope Lane.



Coaches: Anderson, Ford, Tedesco, Stroman


Practice Kudos:

Clara Behling, Chloe English, Ethan Murray – 23


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