December SOM - Florida Training Group


The 15-year tradition of heading south to Orlando for a week of intense training continues. This occasion was no different. Despite some interesting skeptisism about the power of the Harry Potter wands sold at Universal Park, the kids managed to wake up early the day after Christmas and head to the airport for the trip to F-L-A. Once again this group, trained hard, enjoyed regional BBQ, frozen yogart with gummy bears, pulsating hip-hop playlists, pristine weather, AM mountains of potatos and bacon, Transformers return to popular culture dominance, and Escaping From Gringotts. By the end of the trip the magic in the wand was back, and everybody celebrated the moment, realizing that they were made of choclate and that just eating them far supassed turning your teammate into a praying mantus. Well done Holden Kopcsik Charlotte Morales, Octavio Melendez, Annika Naveen, Caire Pillar, Max Serota, Spencer Thorne, Anna Volpp, Billy Wilkerson, Sonya Wilkerson--you are the swimmers of the month!


Practice Kudos:

Claire Pillar – 23

Annika Naveen, Spencer Thorne – 21


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