September SOM - Benjamin Chai


The Novice SOM for September stands out for a number of reasons: great attendance, eagerness to participate, willingness to listen, and a desire to improve. Already, he is on the road to success--making quota each and every week. During practice he is focused, listens to his coaches intently, and implements their feedback. Clearly his goal is to be a better swimmer and his notable efforts can be encapsulted in his test set playout. In the Tracy’s 10, this young man dropped over twenty-five seconds from his previous average.  AMAZING!!!  Congratulations and keep it up Benjamin Chai. You are the well-derseved SOM!


Coaches: Ford, Gillison, Tedesco


Practice Kudos:

Clara Chen, Molly Doyle, Simeon Kohler, Abigail Swartz - 8*

Lucas Crutchlow, Oscar Garfield, Liam Simpkins - 7


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