October SOM - Sonia Bonita


This SOM is inspirational. Her limitless enthusiasm and positivity, her outstanding work ethic, and her engagment inspire all those around her to work harder and get better. Three times a week she is in the pool--smiling, attacking a tough workout, and setting a great example. Her attitude is infectious and motivates swimmers in adjacent lanes to step up their game. To boot, we have seen tremendous improvement in all her strokes and skills-- especially when it comes to her breaststroke and flip turns. Her test sets all indicate that she is quickly becoming a competitive force to be reckoned with. We are excited to watch her continued improvement and progress throughout the season.  Congratulations and thank you, Sonia Bonita, for being our Swimmer of the Month and a great teammate.


Coaches: Ford, Gillison, Tedesco


Practice Kudos:

Clara Chen - 16*

Gwen Burris, Simeon Kohler - 15

Lucas Crutchlow - 14


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