November SOM - Helina Kebede


As we head into the winter portion of our season, it gets harder to find the motivation to jump into cold water.  What certainly helps make this task possible--is having a teammate who doesn’t let the cold bring them down and demonstrates pure joy and excitement at the chance to be a part of practice. Well, our SOM never saw a practice set she didn’t like. In addition to bringing joy to those around her, she is also quite the spark plug.  We’ve seen her make quota every week so far this season, and go above and beyond, sometimes coming to three practices.  The coaches have taken notice of her efforts and needless to say, her strokes and dives have improved exponentially. The extra time in the pool, and exemplary effort at practice, have led to an amazing mini meet performance: dropping over four seconds in the 25 Freestyle, completing the 25 Butterfly for the first time, and achieving times in three brand new events.  Congrats on a great November Helina Kebede, you are the Novice Swimmer of the Month.


Coaches: Ford, Gillison, Tedesco


Practice Kudos:

Molly Doyle- 14*

Gwen Burris, Clara Chen, Helina Kebede, Simeon Kohler, William Stankiewicz-Goldsmith - 12


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