June SOM - Clara Chen


The Novice SOM certainly foregrounded herself in a number of significant areas: her attendance was strong, she was always focused at practice, and her overall drive in the pool was exemplary. Over the course of 13 weeks this swimmer, she managed to make quota every single week--surpassing the minimum requirement most of those weeks by attending 3 or 4 sessions. When in the pool, she listens intently to directions, and is always willing to lead the lane--with gumption and grit! All these efforts served her well at the FCA Summer Mini meet where she dropped over 18 seconds collectively and scored 3rd place in the 50 Backstroke, 25 Butterfly, and 100 I.M.  In addition to these accomplishments, she is thoughtful, supportive, and a fun and supportive teammate.  We look forward to seeing her back for the Fall/Winter season.  Congratulations Clara Chen, our June SOM!


Coaches: Ford, Gillison, Tedesco, Cassidy, Tait

Practice Kudos:

Sonia Bonita - 14

Caroline Whitney - 12


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