December SOM - William Stankiewicz-Goldsmith


The holiday training season has arrived, and when you’re a swimmer that means working extra hard and pushing through some tough practices.  Obviously it’s easier to seek out the warmth and comfort of home, but we love to see our swimmers step it up during this crazy time of year.  This Novice swimmer already has nearly perfect attendance, but it was the additional practices we saw him come to during December that really impressed us---and when he is at the pool, he is a delight to work with.  When this swimmer is presented with a challenge or a demanding practice set, you can be certain he will give it his all and put his best foot forward.  His desire to improve is genuine and inspiring.  We love him for his goofiness, jokes, and crazy facial expressions, but more importantly we admire his ability to be attentive and considerate towards his coaches and teammates.  Congratulations to our December SOM, William Stankiewicz-Goldsmith .


Coaches: Ford, Gillison, Tedesco


Practice Kudos:

Gwen Burris, William Stankiewicz-Goldsmith - 14

Molly Doyle - 13


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