September SOM - Sam Ya


September is an exciting time for our athletes. The swimmers return to the pool with energy and a renewed sense of vigor.  In their excitement, they see new opportunities to improve and set goals they will work towards. The Junior SOM is no different. He came in day one, looking stronger and cheerful as ever—never mind the value he places on being polite and respectful. In the past weeks, he has revelaed a serious, driven competitive side as well and WE LOVE IT.  He completed the first test set of the season (Tracy’s 10) with a 2 minute and thirty-seven second drop from his previous total time!! We believe that this positive beginning is a sure sign that sweet dividends are just around the corner. Please congratulate and keep your eye on Sam Ya this fall…winter, and spring. He is our Junior SOM.


Coaches: Ford, Sherin-Porter, Ford, Tait


Practice Kudos:

Junior Gold:

Ethan Murray - 11



Oskar Bauriedel, Penelope English, Felix Kohler, Connor Simpkins, Andrew Witmer - 10*


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