October SOM - Andrew Witmer


Success is the result of hard work, confidence, and a willingness to learn from mistakes.  This journey takes time and patience, but the end results are always worth it.  Showing up to practice at least four times per week, racing to the point of exhaustion during challenge and test sets, and working to make necessary stroke and skill corrections are only a few reasons our October SOM is off to a tremendous start this season. In addition to his outstanding work ethic, he entertains us with his cartoonish sound effects and theatrical movements. It is for all these reasons, we are pleased to see him inch his way towards qualifying for multiple Junior Olympic events. Congratulations and keep up the amazing effort, Andrew Witmer.


Coaches: Ford, Sherin-Porter, Ford, Tait


Practice Kudos:

Junior Gold:

Felix Kohler - 21

Connor Simpkins - 18



Juan Mindiola - 18

Oskar Bauriedel, Violet Moore, Chase Rose, Oliver Stifel, Max Strick, Andrew Witmer - 17


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