November SOM - Nico del Prim


Sometimes it takes a little more than just showing up to practice on a consistent basis to achieve one’s goals. Motivation and a positive attitude play an important part too. This smiling Junior is always the first to arrive at practice, complete the pre-practice warm-up, and set a challenging practice pace for his respective group day in and out.  This young man averages four practices each week, and is a regular on the Kudos list. The coaches certainly recognize how dependable he is, and what a great job he does listening and engaging.  At the CYA meet he continued to impress us with over 33 seconds of improvement--13 of those coming in his 100 Freestyle PR.  To boot, he qualified for Silver Champs in five events!!  We think it’s safe to say, that Nico Del Prim is well on his way to a great season.


Coaches: Ford, Sherin-Porter, Ford, Tait


Practice Kudos:

Junior Gold:

Felix Kohler - 20

Jiajia Mao, Jamie Oswald, Harry Serota - 15



Penelope English - 17

Nico Del Prim, Gabi Perlis, Chase Rose, Annabelle Steckel, Colby Whitney – 16


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