May SOM - Annie Zhao


It’s amazing to watch our swimmers change over the years. This Junior SOM used to be a quiet Novice group member--always a hard worker, but not one of many words.  Nowadays, as a Junior, she continues to push herself and does what it takes to improve. But we are also witnessing an exciting personality transformation. This young lady is now a smiling, energetic, outgoing, confident, and has become fantastic teammate.  She is a “lane leader” who works cooperatively with her peers, and actively seeks feedback from her coaches to help improve her overall performance.  At the Summer Storm meet she dropped over eighty-seven combined seconds and spent a majority of her down time cheering on her fellow FCAers from the deck.  Wow--great job and keep it up Annie Zhao--you are the May SOM!


Coaches: Ford, Sherin-Porter, Ford, Gillison, Tait


Practice Kudos:

Junior Gold:

Clara Behling – 22

Andrea Melendez, Ethan Murray -  21



Felix Kohler, Olivia Stankiewicz-Goldsmith – 17

Morgan Chow – 16


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