June SOM - Milan Goyal


We’ve had our eye on this swimmer for a while now.  She shows up, works hard, and always searches for ways to improve. This Junior made significant and notable progress this season: she joined the Gold Group, earned the right to be a lane leader on a daily basis, and started to believe in herself.  With this boost of confidence and willingness to push herself, it’s no surprise she ended the season on high notes--finishing every meet she attended with all best times, racking up 8 PRs and 37 seconds of improvement at the Speedo Classic alone, and qualifying for Silver Champs in 7 individual events!! We are so proud and pleased to announce Milan Goyal as our June SOM.  Keep up the hard work and keep smiling!


Coaches: Ford, Sherin-Porter, Ford, Gillison, Tait


Practice Kudos:

Junior Gold:

Andrea Melendez – 20

Clara Behling- 18



Nico Del Prim, Juan Mindiola – 17

Jamie Oswald – 16


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