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December 21, 2004: The Super Saturday/Team Photo Information have been posted.

December 16, 2004: The Swimmers of the Month for November have been posted.

December 14, 2004:
        The 2004-2005 Holiday Schedule is here!

November 24, 2004: Lodging information for the Penn State meet on Februrary 26-27 has been posted.

October 25, 2004: There is a New Dual Meet that has been added to the schedule.
The newest Movie Night is here.

October 1, 2004: The current FCA News and Notes has been posted.
The Penn State Meet sign-up sheets have been posted.

September 13, 2004: The 2004-2005 Parents Packet is available. Download and read it today!

September 1, 2004: Friends' Central School parents: Please note that some of the practice times listed in the Auxiliary Services packet are incorrect. Please refer to the team practice calendar for the correct days and times.

July 22, 2004: The 2004-2005 FCA brochure and updated Swim Team and Swim School registration forms are now available. The 2004-2005 swim team parents packet and the swim school guidelines will be available shortly.

July 22, 2004: The Swimmers of the Month for June have been posted.

June 14, 2004: The Swimmers of the Month for May have been posted.

June 7, 2004: Changes have been made to the Mini NRG Swimming Meet, as follows:

Warm up session is at 2 PM
Start is at 2:30 PM
Finish is at 4 PM

May 26, 2004:The current FCA News and Notes is now available along with the information on the Dorney Park trip.

The July Jubilee meet has been replaced by the LAC Cloister Classic A/BB/C meet. For furthur information go to the Meet Schedule.

May 22, 2004: The Swimmers of the Month for April have been posted.

March 21, 2004: The information for Movie Night can be found here.

March 18, 2004: Here are the dates for the upcoming events:

Movie Night: Saturday, May 22
Dorney Park: Tuesday, July 6
FCA Barbecue: Saturday, July 31

March 14, 2004: The Swimmers of the Month for January/Februrary has been posted.

January 7, 2004: Session changes have been made for the FSSC meet this weekend. All relays have been eliminated, and other timing changes have been made as well.

January 6, 2004: Information and a registration form for the January 25th FCA Swimathon is now available. Start finding sponsors to help support United States Swimming and Friends' Central Aquatics!

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